Opportunities to Get Membership This Term

If you’re looking to become a CURAS member this term, we are running two membership nights:

  1. Friday 11th May
  2. Saturday 19th May

Both will be held in The Maypole from 19:00 to 21:00. To sign up, you will need £5 cash and your Cambridge or ARU student ID card. Feel free to sign up a friend if you can provide their ID card or a picture of it.

The final deadline for new memberships is 21:00 on 19th May, i.e. the end of the second membership evening. If you would prefer to sign up by email, you can also join by emailing either our committee or the address given in our mailing list emails (if you already on the mailing list). Be aware that the deadline for email sign-ups is the same.

As the Cambridge Beer Festival approaches, now is a good time to join CURAS for free entry and queue jump. Membership also provides free entry to the CURAS garden party in June.

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