The Mitre

Those from London or Leeds may well be familiar with the Nicholson’s pub chain, of which the Mitre is the only Cambridge addition. Recently refurbished, the Mitre is more of a gastro-pub now, with a large area mostly for eating, and although the front is still mostly a drinker’s bar, has lost much of the atmosphere it once had. The food is reasonably priced & decent, although the menu is mostly uninspiring. Beerwise however, a 8-ale selection from the Nicholson’s list means you are likely to find both familiar beers and some unusual ones to this area. The beers are fairly priced for Cambridge although not as cheap as it once was, and kept fine. Summary: a bit stale as a pub, but if you can get a table, you should be able to find a decent new beer to sample.


Reviewed by Jon, Jan 2012