Monthly Archives: October 2018

Novice Tasting

Update!: Please note the change of venue: Nihon Room at Pembroke College.

On November 1st, from 8pm, we are holding our first tasting of the year. We will start from the basics and explore some of the main styles of British ales, explaining the difference between ‘ales’ and ‘lagers’, discussing what we mean by hoppy and malty, and trying to answer any questions people have. This should be a good opportunity to learn a bit more about beer!

This time we will be hosted by *UPDATE: Pembroke College* — we will send more details on the venue closer to the date of the tasting. The event will cost £10 for CURAS members and £12 for non-members. Payment can be done to our bank account (put your CRSid in the reference):

Sort Code – 090129
Account Number – 09926040

Deadline for sign-up/payment is 11am on Sunday 28th.

CURAS Fresher’s Squash

Join the Real Ale Society for our annual Freshers’ Squash, on Saturday 20th October.

We are going to have loads of free beer in three different styles from two local breweries, Moonshine and Turpin’s. Some snacks will also be provided.

The squash starts at 8pm and will go on until 11pm, so feel free to pop in whenever you want. The Graduate Union is on 17 Mill Lane and you can access it more easily from the short driveway just off Silver Street, opposite Ede and Ravenscroft.

Entry is £1 only, but if you decide to join us that evening the membership will be lowered to £4 instead of £5.

Our term card will also be revealed—we are finalising an exciting line-up of events for you!