Experienced ale drinkers, beer lovers, cider fans and those freshers who will soon denounce alco-pops, welcome to the new and improving CURAS website.

We are a society dedicated to helping people discover and enjoy the great world of real ales, ciders and perries, through pub meets, brewery tours, tasting events and the occasional email. This website is in the middle of a redesign to help us provide better reviews on Cambridge’s fine pubs and a single location for information about the society and the events we are offering.

While we continue whipping our coding monkeys and design hipsters in the background, have a look around and visit the contact page to sign up to our mailing list. Our members receive discounts at a number of Cambridge pubs; for more information, see our Membership section.

CURAS is not a drinking society. We do not promote excessive drinking and only support the responsible appreciation of real ale and cider.