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Dark Beer Tasting

This time we will explore the incredible world of dark beers! Those of you not familiar with these beers might have had (or seen) Guinness in pubs, but this is just the most famous and popular version of what we will taste in our next event. Dark beers, in fact, can range from the lightest milds to the heaviest barley wines and imperial stouts, passing through milk/oatmeal/chocolate stouts and porters–just to name a few. We are going to present some of these different styles typical from the UK and abroad, hoping that even those of you who are suspicious about dark beers might find something you enjoy!

The tasting will be held in the Nihon Room, Pembroke College, on February 21st (and not on the 16th as written in the term card), from 8.30 pm. The price will be around £10 members/£12 non-members, but we will confirm the exact sum in the next days. There are 12 places for this event, so book yours with this doodle (please write your crsID):

If you don’t have a crsID, just put your name and let us know your email address