The Eagle

Yet another Greene King pub, The Eagle’s claim to fame is that – supposedly – Watson and Crick had their major breakthrough in the structure of DNA when drinking in the pub. It has to be the most well know pub in Cambridge, but this means that it tends to be a very ‘touristy’ pub, and while relatively large for Cambridge (it has several different sections and a decent sized beer garden) it can get extremely busy.

I think there’s usually two guest ales on in The Eagle, alongside a couple of Greene King ales. They do tend to be fairly expensive though, well over the £3 barrier. The staff are okay, but not particularly friendly (given the number of people who come through the pub this isn’t particularly surprising though).

There’s nothing to really make The Eagle shine out in Cambridge, and the constant crowd of people puts me off going there. If you’re a Cambridge student though, you need to have one drink in there just to tick off one of the Cambridge landmarks. But I wouldn’t recommend going back….


Reviewed 2009