Monthly Archives: February 2020

Beer tasting: Dark beers + snack pairings

Monday 2nd March 7:30pm
University Social Club, Mill Lane

Price: £10 CURAS members, £12 non-members


Dark beers can range from light-bodied mild ales, passing over milk, oatmeal and chocolate stouts and porters, to the heaviest imperial stouts and barley wines. In this tasting we will explore the world of dark beers, both from the UK and abroad, and will try pairing up beers like these with various snack foods.

Beer tasting: Craft beer

Saturday 22nd February 7:30pm
Clare MCR Bar

Price: £8 CURAS members & Clare College members, £10 non-members


Join the CU Real Ale Society as we team up with Clare MCR to have a beer tasting on the theme of modern craft beer.The craft brewing/microbrewing movement started in the 1970s in the US (alongside the real ale movement in the UK) as a reaction to the beer brewed by major industrial breweries. The movement has been characterised both by a search for roots and authenticity by reviving traditional and somewhat forgotten beer styles, and great experimentation and a wish to push the boundaries of what beer can be. During this tasting we will be trying some examples of craft beers, which should have something to offer both novice and seasoned beer drinkers.

The tasting is open to all university members, but please note that a limited number of tickets are reserved for CURAS members and Clare College students.

Robinson College Beer Festival, Saturday 8th February

The always excellent annual Robinson College Beer Festival is happening on Saturday 8th February 1pm-11:30pm. Entrance to this one day festival is free for all university members, so it’s a great event whether you want to try the lot or just pop in quickly for an afternoon pint.

CURAS will be there – look out for the yellow t-shirts.