The Pickerel

With 5 handpumps (although not always all serving), including usually Woodforde’s Wherry & Nelson’s Revenge (a personal favourite!) as well as Theakston’s Old Peculier, this small pub is a popular drinking spot in the north of Cambridge. Located by Magdelene College, upon entry you find yourself in a dark place full of nooks & crannies, creating an atmosphere unique in the city. All this helps make the place pretty packed a lot of the time, thus sometimes making it difficult to find seating – if the weather’s clement though the beer garden is quite pleasant. Not renowned for it’s food, you can still get decent pub grub here, with the Pick specialising in sausages and pies – although the portions are not as good as some of it’s rivals. However, as a place for a pint or three – and maybe some olives as snacks – this is somewhere anybody should try whilst they’re in Cambridge.


Reviewed by Jon