Calverley’s brewery tour

So far we have explored only how to enjoy different styles of beers, but it is also exciting to learn (and see!) where all those flavours come from and how the magic happens. This is why visiting breweries is always a term highlight for us! This time (Friday 30th, from 5pm) we are going to one of the locallest breweries in town, Calverley’s:

Despite being based in a small building they produce great beer, and whoever has already been to their taproom knows well that the guys are truly passionate about their job.

The brewery is just off Mill Road (23A Hooper Street), so there won’t be any transportation fees involved, but the event will cost £10 members/£12 non-members because (of course) we will get to try some of their amazing stuff while learning all about the brewing process.

To sign up fill in this doodle with your crsID, and if you are using another email address just put your name down and drop us an email, so that we can contact you about the logistic details:

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